A/B Test

A/B test: By showing a premium checking account first, it got 214% more signups

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Control (A)

Converted at 3.30% with 37 of 1,120

Variant (B)

Converted at 10.37% (+214%) with 107 of 1,032


Alta Vista Credit Union wanted to open more Prestige Checking accounts, which is the credit union’s most valuable checking account.


At the time, only a minority of visitors to altavistacu.org applied for Prestige accounts. Instead, most users applied for two other less valuable accounts, Prime and Pro Checking.


We believed we could encourage more people to apply for Prestige Checking if we made it our default recommendation. So, to experiment on our hypothesis, we ran a split test. In the Variant (B), we sent visitors interested in checking straight to the Prestige page instead of showing all three account options up front like the Control (A). (In the Variant (B), people could still get to Prime or Pro Checking from the bottom of the Prestige page under “Looking for something different?”)


The experiment was a success. With the Variant (B), we saw leads for Prestige Checking increase by 214% while the total number of applications for all checking accounts remained the same (no statistically significant change).