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Background videos are trendy in credit union website design. Should you get one?

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Videos capture people’s attention and evoke emotions. That’s why OE Federal Credit Union wanted a background video for their website’s homepage. So, they teamed up with BloomCU to create a video that would depict OE’s distinct working-man brand.   This gif shows a snippet of the background video created by BloomCU. To see the full video, visit   As…

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4 myths about credit unions—and how to dispel them on your website

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Unlike the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or a pack of snarling Yeti, the misconceptions people have about credit unions can do real harm. There are four myths in particular that dissuade people from banking with credit unions. As the number one touch point with your potential members, your credit union’s website is an ideal place to dispel these myths.  …

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The most important question your credit union website must answer

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No, it’s not the answer to the question, “What’s my routing number?” In fact, it’s not a frequently asked question at all. It’s a question people ask silently and you’ve probably never received an inquiry about it. When it comes to financial products and services, consumers have lots of options. Personally, I use at least 12 different companies for my…

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Personalization increases engagement with credit union web designs by 31%

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Most credit union websites are one-size-fits-all experiences: one experience is designed for all visitors. But that approach inevitably leads to irrelevant interactions with website users because each individual is unique, and people visit credit union websites for hundreds of different reasons. What makes more sense is to create a credit union website design that adapts for each visitor based on…

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How to prevent your credit union from becoming a commodity by 2025

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A 49-page report released by the Filene Research Institute predicts what credit unions will look like in 2025: “In the year 2025 credit unions will operate on a financial landscape that bears little resemblance to the system of today. Technological disruption, increased regulation, changing consumer behaviors, and asset growth will all contribute to the reshaping of the global financial ecosystem.”*…

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6 proven ways to improve the mobile navigation of your credit union website design

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Your navigation menu can make or break your credit union website design. It’s one of the most important parts of your website because that’s how users flow through the site and find information (other than using search). And navigation has to be especially easy-to-use for mobile devices, where space is limited.   Insights from the Nielsen Norman Group Because website…

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Use Motion to Improve Your Website with the Law of Common Fate

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Objects moving in unison appear to be related When multiple objects follow the same trend of motion, they appear to be related or form a group. Synchronization further strengthens this perception, as seen in spectacles like synchronized swimming and the Blue Angels. Conversely, there is contrast if objects are moving in different directions or if some objects are stationary. In…

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