Is Mobile-First, Desktop-First, or Element-First Best for Credit Union Web Design?

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For the past few years, the debate on the Internet has raged on. Which is superior: “mobile-first” design or “desktop-first” design. In the last few years, “element-first” design has also stepped forth as a contender. At first it seems like a clear-cut issue: which option will bring the best overall results? But the reality is far more nuanced. In this…

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5 Chatbot Examples Credit Union Websites Should Emulate

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I recently had a conversation about chatbots with a credit union marketer named Kevin. After our conversation, I sent him an email that shows three ways chatbots are being used and five examples. I want to share my email because it has valuable information for anyone ready to embrace this Internet-changing technology. Here’s the email:   Hey Kevin! I’ve been thinking a…

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WordPress Security White Paper

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Sometimes people ask, “Is WordPress secure for credit union websites?” The short answer is, “Yes.” However, the short answer needs to be backed up by a long answer—that is to say, backed up by evidence. BloomCU has spent considerable time putting together the long answer to that security question, which is our WordPress Security White Paper.   Our WordPress Security White Paper contains a…

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ADA Compliance Checklist for Credit Union Websites

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Love it or hate it, your credit union website should be compliant with ADA regulations. Below is a checklist to make compliance easy for you.   ADA Compliance Checklist Images have alternate text that can be read by screen reader software. Recorded video content includes captions. Video or audio-only content is accompanied by text transcript or description. Links are provided to media players…

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My 3 Favorite Halloween Gifs

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Happy Halloween! I just want to share a few of my favorite Halloween gifs to help you get through the rest of your workday 😉       Lucy and Linus in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Who doesn’t love Peanuts?       In my opinion, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the greatest Halloween music video of all time. Here’s…

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