ADA compliance is on the minds of many credit unions right now, and for good reason. Lawsuits are on the rise, so it’s important that credit unions mitigate risk associated with their websites and put themselves in a safe position. Over the last few months, we have had many clients ask us about ADA compliance, what can be done to mitigate risk, and how changes can be made painlessly.

In this post, I’ll cover answers to these questions. First, I want to tell you about ADA compliance strategy. Then, I’ll talk a bit about a new partnership between BloomCU and an ADA compliance specialist called User1st.


ADA Strategy

In our recent article published by CUInsight, we explained why 100% ADA compliance is actually unreasonable. Given that “full” compliance isn’t reasonable, a better strategy is to mitigate risk. Learn more about the strategy of risk mitigation and steps you can take by reading 100% ADA Compliance is a Lie.

Article: 100% ADA Compliance is a Lie


New Partnership Between BloomCU & User1st

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with User1st. User1st is an accessibility company that offers a ready-to-use accessibility software, automated scanning, live user testing, and even remediation to help you fix ADA issues. We recently spent hours evaluating a variety of ADA compliance services and published our findings in our Guide to ADA Services for Credit Union Websites. Of all the tools and services we reviewed, User1st stood out to us as the best overall value. Learn more about our new partnership by reading BloomCU partners with User1st to tackle growing ADA compliance needs.

Press Release: BloomCU partners with User1st to tackle growing ADA compliance needs


Disclaimer: BloomCU LLC and its representatives are not providing legal advice. For legal advice about ADA compliance, consult an attorney. This article and all associated content do not replace the official WCAG 2.0 guidelines, nor does it provide an official or legal interpretation of the guidelines.



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