Love it or hate it, your credit union website should be compliant with ADA regulations. Below is a checklist to make compliance easy for you.


ADA Compliance Checklist

  1. Images have alternate text that can be read by screen reader software.
  2. Recorded video content includes captions.
  3. Video or audio-only content is accompanied by text transcript or description.
  4. Links are provided to media players required to view content.
  5. Headings are presented in logical order.
  6. “b” and “i” tags are replaced with “strong” and “em.”
  7. There are no empty links or heading tags.
  8. Presentation does not rely solely on color.
  9. Automatically-played audio does not occur or can be stopped.
  10. The keyboard can be used to navigate the site.
  11. Keyboard focus is never stuck on one particular page element.
  12. Time limits provide notifications to the user.
  13. Automatically scrolling or blinking content can be stopped.
  14. No strobe effects or rapidly flashing colors occur on the site.
  15. “Skip navigation” functionality allows keyboard users to quickly access content.
  16. Page titles clearly and succinctly describe page content.
  17. Buttons and links are clearly and logically named.
  18. The language of each page is identified in code.
  19. Elements receiving focus do not change content in a substantial way.
  20. Invalid form input is identified to the user.
  21. Forms have labels and legends that can be read by screen reader software.
  22. Live video or audio content includes captions.
  23. Contrast ratio between text and page backgrounds is at least 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text.
  24. Text on pages can be resized to 200% while still maintaining form.
  25. Images are not used where text can achieve the same purpose.
  26. Pages on the site can be accessed in multiple ways.
  27. Keyboard focus is visible and clear.
  28. Menus and buttons are used consistently regardless of the user’s location in the site.
  29. Users are given suggestions on how to solve input errors.
  30. An error prevention technique is used whenever the user is entering sensitive data.
  31. Underlined text that does not provide a link is removed.
  32. Redundant links on the same page are eliminated or minimized.



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