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Homepage Personalization

Show users content they care about on your most popular webpage: your homepage.

Your homepage is viewed more than any other page of your website. If your credit union is like most others, about 74% of your website traffic is homepage visits. That means the top of your homepage is the most valuable real estate on your website. Unfortunately, most credit unions don’t make good use of that extremely valuable homepage real estate.

Most homepages are static, meaning every visitor is shown the same message. Instead, what if your homepage could adapt messages to individuals? You can do that with personalization technology. Personalization enables you to create a more dynamic, relevant homepage so you can show users information they care about. That’s one way BloomCU makes credit union websites smart.

Ways you can personalize your homepage:

  • Show product or service promotions based a user’s interests
  • Identify nonmembers and show why they should join
  • Personalize your homepage with lead capture tools
  • Personalize your homepage’s video background
  • Personalize a message based on the referring website (like Facebook or
  • Personalize a message near your online banking login
  • Display a chat prompt with a message based on a users’ interests


Personalize homepage promotions for individual users.


User Location

Show users your nearest branch.


Member vs. Nonmember

Show members and nonmembers different content.


Recommend Services

Recommend products & services based on interests.


Login Page

Engage members on your login page.

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