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What is the job of your credit union website?

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What is the job of your website?

While the answer may appear obvious, it’s important that you examine this crucial question through the specific lens of the buyer’s journey. Each and every prospective credit union member takes that path before hopefully choosing you, and you need to make sure your website is playing its role well during this journey.

Let’s walk through the buying decision process with a simple example. As we do so, think about where your website comes into play.

The buying decision process

1. Recognize a financial need: I need an emergency fund.

2. Search for information: What financial product should I use for my emergency savings?

After conducting a Google search, I know I need a product that allows me to withdraw money at any time and never loses money. So I decide I want a regular savings account.

3. Evaluate financial institutions and their products: Which financial institution should I choose?

By perusing different bank and credit union websites, I learn about their savings accounts. After looking at a number of financial institutions, I choose an account with a good rate that will be easy to open online.

4. Apply with the financial institution: I’m ready to apply at the financial institution I have chosen.

I complete an application (through an origination system) and open an account.

5. Re-evaluate my choice: Am I happy with the financial institution I chose?

Focus on step number three

As you probably noticed, step #3 is your credit union website’s time to shine. And it answers our original question:

Your website’s job is to get people to choose your credit union. It is your primary tool for influencing prospective members during this stage.

Simple enough. But how do you get them to choose you during this evaluation phase? Your website needs to stand out from the crowd by convincing the reader that you are best equipped to solve their needs or problems. There are countless ways to go about this, but here are some quick tips:

  • Clearly explain why your credit union is different and/or better, and emphasize those strengths upfront. Use the story framework to relay your message effectively, and use your words carefully.
  • Don’t just focus on rates unless you know they’re the best around.
  • Make the website experience enjoyable—make navigation easy so a visitor can quickly and painlessly find what they’re looking for.
    Provide all the information someone might be looking for, such as a thorough FAQ and educational resources, so they don’t have to add another step and call with questions–or worse, eliminate you from the running altogether.
  • Use personalization to cater your message to a visitor’s specific interests and increase engagement.
  • Balance your tone. Be inspirational so visitors feel a connection, but be down to earth so they know you can effectively relate to their needs.
  • Implement a chatbot on your site.

Now take a step back: Is your website doing the right job and doing it well? For more inspiration on the strategy for your credit union website, download our free Credit Union Website Strategy Guide.

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