A Case Study With Meridia Community Credit Union



Meridia Community Credit Union was founded in 1955 and is headquartered in Hamburg, New York. Meridia “Goes Beyond” expectations and helps its members rise above ordinary. Accordingly, they wanted to create the best credit union website experience to match their brand: a credit union website that exceeds expectations.

Our relationship with Meridia started when we sent them a box of Mexican jumping beans. That got their attention–maybe because they thought we were weird! The box also included a handwritten note inviting them to talk with us about redesigning their website. We talked. We laughed. And in January of 2016 we started the redesign project.

The Starting Line

Our point of contact at Meridia is Annette. She’s a rad lady. We started the redesign project by asking Annette questions to understand Meridia’s situation and talk about must-haves for the new credit union website.

Our first question for Annette was, “What do you like about your current website?” She answered, “We have a new processor,” and that’s all Meridia liked about their website. “What do you not like?” we asked. This time her list was longer: “We rebranded a little over a year ago and feel like our website doesn’t reflect our brand.” She continued, “The site is busy, incohesive, and hard to navigate. And we can’t make very many changes with the site’s content management system.”

Meridia wanted to design a new, simple experience that represents its brand statement, “We Go Beyond.” Ultimately, the new website needs to “attract new members” and “deepen relationships with current members.” Our goal was to design one of the best credit union websites in the world.

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