Objects moving in unison appear to be related

When multiple objects follow the same trend of motion, they appear to be related or form a group. Synchronization further strengthens this perception, as seen in spectacles like synchronized swimming and the Blue Angels. Conversely, there is contrast if objects are moving in different directions or if some objects are stationary.

In web design, we see the Law of Common Fate in the synchronization of scrolling with viewports and mice with cursors. Likewise, using movement and animation in design can create perceptions of connection or contrast, for either functional or aesthetic purposes (e.g., pop-out menus, pop-up alerts, video backgrounds, animated graphics).



  • To connect related content, use synchronized animations
  • To make important content stand out, create contrast with motion
  • Don’t use assisted scrolling because it interferes with users’ perception of Common Fate and causes frustration


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