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February 2019

Background videos are trendy in credit union website design. Should you get one?

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Videos capture people’s attention and evoke emotions. That’s why OE Federal Credit Union wanted a background video for their website’s homepage. So, they teamed up with BloomCU to create a video that would depict OE’s distinct working-man brand.   This gif shows a snippet of the background video created by BloomCU. To see the full video, visit   As…

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4 myths about credit unions—and how to dispel them on your website

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Unlike the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or a pack of snarling Yeti, the misconceptions people have about credit unions can do real harm. There are four myths in particular that dissuade people from banking with credit unions. As the number one touch point with your potential members, your credit union’s website is an ideal place to dispel these myths.  …

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