The What, Why, and How of Authentic Images

By Blogging, Design

Marketing Experiments conducted an A/B test on authentic images vs stock images by testing an authentic photo of the client against a top-performing stock photo on one of the client’s websites. The web page with the real photo had a nearly 35% higher conversion rate than the page with the stock photo.  We’ve always known a picture is worth a…

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How less content on your website can mean more growth for your credit union 

By Blogging, Copywriting, SEO

Ten seconds—it’s the amount of time it takes you to tie your shoes, send a text, or, if you’re Usain Bolt, run 100m. Unfortunately, it’s also how long you have to capture the attention of a visitor to your credit union website before they lose interest (with maybe 5-10 seconds to spare if they’re feeling particularly generous).  In other words,…

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How Blogging Can Help Your Credit Union Grow

By Blogging, Credit Union Website Design

Imagine you’re sitting in a marketing meeting. Besides the uncomfortable chairs and the limited selection of bagels, things are going great! Ideas are flying for new mission statements and punchy, engaging taglines. But then your new colleague Shelly perks up and suggests adding a blog to your credit union website. Actually, she insists on it. “It’s what everyone’s doing” she…

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