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June 2019

How to Combine Website Search with Engageware and Delight Your Members

By Knowledge Base, Site Search

  Your credit union’s contact center gets inundated with questions: “What’s my routing number?” “How do I reset my password?” “How do I send a wire transfer?” That’s why a knowledge base of questions and answers (Q&As) can be helpful. By building up your Q&As, people can get the info they’re looking for without contacting the credit union. Furthermore, many knowledge…

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Why you shouldn’t put credit cards under “Loans” on your website

By Navigation, Research

  If consumers can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, then they will likely go somewhere else. That’s why research-based navigation is crucial for your credit union website design. Based on some counterintuitive research findings, I’d guess you probably have credit cards in the wrong spot. If you pick a credit union website at random, you’ll likely find…

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7 copywriting principles that will seriously improve your credit union website design

By Copywriting

  Your website is your most important branch. It gets more visitors than any of your physical locations, and it’s where your younger members will most likely go first. That’s why it’s essential that every aspect is in perfect shape. Not only should you have a beautiful, conversion-friendly aesthetic, but you should have good copy as well. What makes good…

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