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July 2017

ADA Compliance Checklist for Credit Union Websites

By ADA compliance

Love it or hate it, your credit union website should be compliant with ADA regulations. Below is a checklist to make compliance easy for you.   ADA Compliance Checklist Images have alternate text that can be read by screen reader software. Recorded video content includes captions. Video or audio-only content is accompanied by text transcript or description. Links are provided to media players…

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How the Buying Decision Process applies to credit union website design

By Conversion Rate Optimization, Design, Research

  If you build it, they will come. This is the prevailing philosophy behind corn field baseball ghosts and credit union website design. Unfortunately, there’s no clever motto from a beloved cinematic classic that explains how to turn website visitors into customers. Luckily, there is a time-tested model of consumer behavior that can help you make sense of your customers’…

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