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May 2020

COVID-19—Why your credit union website matters even more right now

By Credit Union Website Design, Design, Navigation

Right now, in the midst of an intense global pandemic, people are staying inside. They’re not going to restaurants, or gyms, or even to church. And they are certainly trying not to take unnecessary trips to the bank. Because of this, you’ve likely already seen an increase in traffic on your credit union website.  What you may not have realized:…

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How to experience your credit union website through the eyes of your user

By conversion rate optimization, Credit Union Website Design

“Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.” “Create a compelling customer experience.” “Make it easy for them.” While all very valid, do you ever sit staring at your credit union website wondering how to put advice like this into practice? Obviously you didn’t set out to build a website that provides a poor or difficult customer experience. In your eyes, your…

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