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April 2018

ADA Compliance Update: ADA Strategy & BloomCU’s New Partnership with User1st

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ADA compliance is on the minds of many credit unions right now, and for good reason. Lawsuits are on the rise, so it’s important that credit unions mitigate risk associated with their websites and put themselves in a safe position. Over the last few months, we have had many clients ask us about ADA compliance, what can be done to…

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How to Make PDFs ADA Compliant

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A couple weeks ago, we discussed how to make the blog posts ADA compliant. In this post, we’ll discuss how to do the same for the PDFs on your credit union website. Addressing compliance issues on PDFs can be complicated. We’ll address a few possible strategies for meeting compliance standards when it comes to PDFs. Keep in mind that the…

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How Blogging Can Help Your Credit Union Grow

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Imagine you’re sitting in a marketing meeting. Besides the uncomfortable chairs and the limited selection of bagels, things are going great! Ideas are flying for new mission statements and punchy, engaging taglines. But then your new colleague Shelly perks up and suggests adding a blog to your credit union website. Actually, she insists on it. “It’s what everyone’s doing” she…

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