Use generic names for products and services

By Navigation, Research

✅ Do this Use generic names for products and services rather than fancy, made-up ones. For example, call a free checking account “Free Checking” as opposed to a made-up or ambiguous name such as “Silver Checking”, “Prime Checking” or “Community Checking”.   Why For instance, no one shows up on a credit union website looking for a “Gold Checking” account,…

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How personalization works on a website (live example)

By Conversion Rate Optimization, Personalization

  Personalization can have a big impact on a credit union website design. For instance, HFS Federal Credit Union got 3x more re-visits to its products by showing people personalized messages. But, how does it work? Take a look at this live example of personalization (it’s even guided by a chatbot). It gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of personalization in…

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How to improve the conversion rate of your credit union website

By Conversion Rate Optimization

In our previous article, we determined that the success of your website is determined by its conversion rate. So what if you’ve done the calculations and are less than impressed with the results?  We’ve got three words for you: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). By focusing on this process, you can influence your conversion rate in the right direction and encourage…

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